A native of Southern California, Jason Blankenship began exploring the natural world at a very early age. His father started him backpacking and fishing and a love affair with the outdoors began. As an avid backpacker and rock climber, Jason searches out the high and wild places of this beautiful country.

The Sierra Nevada is Jason’s first love and favorite subject. He never gets tired of exploring the remote and rugged backcountry and the photographic possibilities are endless. Jason also enjoys exploring and photographing the desert southwest and west coast.

Artist Statement

I love the outdoors and the beauty and art that surrounds us. My goal is to create art that is honest in it's representation of the natural world. My primary goal is to represent that which I saw and experienced in real life as much as posible. That being said, art is not always a perfect replication of life and I believe photography to be an real art form. The photographic masters have all use creative license to create the images in their minds eye. For example, even a simple black and white print is abstracted because most of us see in color. Or the silky smooth water blur of a long exposure which is not what our eye can perceive. People often question the rich colors in some of my photographs. This is a result of extreme patience, waiting for God's light to fall on the landscape when I am prepared to capture it. Because of my love for color I also sometimes use a highly saturated film in Fuji Velvia. I shoot primarily large format( 4x5 ) film, which allows me to enlarge my photographs to huge sizes without losing an detail. You can find more details on my printmaking on the prints page. I hope you enjoy my work.
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